Who We Are

WordPress Plugins and Themes are OfferShoppers primary focus. WordPress, along with its plugins and themes, is free software distributed under the GPL (GNU General Public License).

What makes it legal?

The GPL licence allows you to freely use, copy, study, edit, enhance, or redistribute the programme. It does not preclude developers from charging for the code they have created. What it does mean is that after you've purchased the code, you can do anything you want with it. So downloading the plugins and themes from this site is entirely legal. You may download as many as you like and use them in as many different projects as you desire.

Our beliefs?

We think that having a WordPress site shouldn't cost much and should be open to everyone. Like any other business, having a website comes with a lot of costs. Our goal is to help you save money and make the best website possible for your business. You'll get more attention, reach more customers, and make more money that way.

What exactly are we doing?

Not all WordPress add-ons (plugins) and themes (themes) are freely available. Some of the most popular WordPress items are only accessible as “Premium WordPress Plugins” or “Premium WordPress Themes” from the developers’ sites with paid support licences, despite the fact that they are now considered necessary for practically any WordPress website. Even if users never require assistance, the cost of acquiring support licences to run a single WordPress website with many “Premium WordPress Plugins” and “Premium WordPress Themes” can quickly exceed $2,000.

We at OfferShoppers believe that restricting access to “Premium WordPress Plugins” and “Premium WordPress Themes” to those who have paid for support licences is an unfair way to distribute GPL-licensed software. Therefore, we decided to disassemble these costly bundles and make the creators’ source code freely available at OfferShoppers.

As such, we decided to form OfferShoppers as a membership club, wherein our members may freely distribute and use hundreds of Premium GPL-licensed WordPress things. It removes the need for our members to pay for developer support, granting them free access to the code they require.

Why Choose Us?

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