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Essential Addons Pro for Elementor

100% ORIGIAL - Includes All Premium Features

To provide the most genuine and up-to-date version, we buy and download from the original developers.

Note : We’re not directly affiliated or associated with the developers and we appreciate the authors’ effort and original work. Names, expressions and trademarks are used to authentically and precisely identify the product.


To assure security and that the file is 100% free of viruses, malware, malicious script, etc., Norton and McAfee scan it daily.


According to WordPress’s GPL licencing guidelines, File may be used on as many websites as you choose.

SIX MONTH’S WORTH OF UPDATES - included from OfferShoppers

We make sure that your website is constantly up-to-date; You will receive a notification as soon as a new version is available on OfferShoppers, along with an email containing the new download link.


All plugins and themes made for WordPress by third-party developers must adhere to the GPL/GNU licence. Because of the GPL licence, all WordPress scripts and their derivatives must be available for free (Including all plugins and Themes). Because we buy everything directly from the creators and resell it to the public, we can offer pricing for official things that are exceptionally inexpensive. Full access is available for a one-time fee; there are no recurring charges. If purchased from OfferShoppers, Original Author Support is not included.

With 70+ new elements and extensions, you can improve your experience of making an Elementor page. Use our easy-to-use elements to give your page builder more power. These elements were made to make designing your next WordPress page or post easier and more beautiful than ever.



To make your site stand out from the rest, use pre-made templates and sections that come with important add-ons.

Your design can also be stored in the cloud with this template. With Prototype, you can save all of your designs and use them on hundreds of websites with just one click. Increase output and get the whole team excited about making websites faster than ever before.


Each part has a number of ways to control all of the other parts. Almost any design is possible if you use your imagination.


No extra funds or complicated programming to slow down the website. Enhanced for lightning-fast loading and real-time editing.


Allow and disable different parts of your page to make it load faster and more smoothly. To keep the Site Lite, you can turn off widgets that aren’t needed.


We made 39 of the most useful widgets so that you can get the most out of Elementor Page Building and get to the top of your design skills.

Post Grid: lets you show your blog posts in four different ways. Make a great timeline for your blogs, pages, or any custom post you make.

Fancy Text: Add 8 eye-catching effects to your page by moving text.

Creative Buttons: It’s easy to add modern buttons with a hover effect to your blog post or website.

Countdown: Include a timer to get more people to click.

Team Members: You can show off your team members with just a few clicks.

Reviews: Show what others have said about your brand to improve your reputation.

WooCommerce Product Grid: Show your WooCommerce products anywhere you want without any extra work.

Contact Form 7: Make the form’s container, fields, and anything else you want.

Gravity Form: are fully adjustable, and you can keep an eye on any style.

Ninja Forms: makes it easy to make the style of your text look the way you want.

Caldera Forms: lets you make effective forms that are mobile-friendly.

WPForms: lets you make solid WordPress forms in minutes.

WeForms: lets you build forms as quickly as possible.

Info Box: A beautiful idea for an info box based on predefined styles

Flip Box: Use moving flip boxes to bring attention to any part of your page. Use a different colour to highlight just one word in a sentence to make it stand out.

Call to Action: Make call-to-action buttons before you blink.

Pricing Table: You can make price tables that sell in minutes.

Twitter Feed: Show the latest tweets from your visitors

Data Table: Put this wherever you want an eye-catching data table

Filterable Gallery: It’s easy to show custom content on any page.

Image Accordion: Add amazing hover effects to your images

Content Ticker: Use slider and ticker effects and more on dynamic and personalised content Tooltip: Set Icon, Image, Text, or Shortcode Tooltip

Advanced tabs: Add a tab where you can put data in different formats. There is support for nested tabs.

Advanced Accordion: Add beautiful accordions to your pages, blogs, and anywhere else you can think of. Sponsors pay for accordions that are tucked in.

Progress Bar: Show progress bars in four or more different ways

Function List: Display lists of features with custom icons and styles


Post Block (Flex): Use modern CSS to show your blog posts in different styles. Flexbox

Lightbox and Modal: Make a pop-up window that opens when certain things are done.

Testimonial Slider: Show customers how much you love your slider company.

Comparison of images: Let people see how two images compare to each other.

Interactive Promotion: Show the title of your work in a great way

Instagram Gallery & Feed: Show that you’re on Instagram to use social proof.

Advanced Google Map: To make powerful maps, use Polylines, Polygons, Overlay, Panorama, and Routes. Maps can have any number of themes.

Static product: Show the static product exactly how you want it to.

Flip Carousel: Use different carousel styles to show off your content.

Interactive cards: Add interesting visual effects to text, photos, or videos to make them more interesting.

Content Timeline: Make a memory lane for your content by using cool scrolling animation.

Data Table: Give the information in an attractive and up-to-date data table.

Twitter Feed Carousel: Show different ways to interact with the Twitter feed

Dynamic Filterable Gallery: You can make a filterable gallery from custom content or any post style.

Smart Post List-Design:  a modern post list for your blog page

Mailchimp: It’s easy to make your Mailchimp form inside Elementor

Content Toggle: View a saved prototype or any content in the field of primary and secondary content.

One Page Navigation: Use this module to make beautiful one-page websites.

Price Menu: Make a great price list for your brands without any trouble!

Picture Hotspots: This feature lets you add a number of tooltip hotspot icons to an image.

Fancy Divider: Separate the section with the fancy divider.

Use the Counter factor: to bring attention to important information.

Team Member Carousel: Show the members of your carousel team.

Post Carousel: You can even use your posts to make a carousel.

Logo Carousel: Carousel logos of brands and products in bold

Content that is private: Lock your content behind a password so that only certain people can see it.

Off-canvas content: You can see content that isn’t on the screen by clicking the button or element.

Advanced menu: Use the advanced navigation menu everywhere you go. You can choose from different skins and change the way it looks.

Image Scroller: Use the image scroller widget to show images that are wide or tall.

Fluent Form: lets you make your container, fields, and anything else you want.

Facebook Feed: Show the Facebook posts on your page

Sticky Video: Make a cool video on YouTube, Vimeo, or your own website that stays in place when you scroll.

BetterDocs Category Grid with BetterDocs Category List: Create a custom Knowledge Base layout.

BetterDocs Search Form: Place and design a nice BetterDocs’s search box for documentation

Advanced Data Table: Create a flexible table with the best data. free extras inside With the Elementor Event Calendar, you can make your own custom event page by using custom events, Google Calendar events, and many other third-party plugin integrations.

Formstack: Make the forms for Formstack in Elementor.

Woo Checkout: Make your own WooCommerce Checkout page and customise it.

Typeform: Embed and create your forms in Elementor.


  • We provide regular updates for 6 months after the date of purchase. After this period, you must repurchase the item to receive further updates.
  • We regularly update products; as soon as we receive notification of an update, we go and download it from the author and update it on our site; however, if the current version of the product is not the most recent, you can request an update for the product via the contact form.
  • We send out regular emails informing customers when products are updated, so please provide an active email address when signing up.


  • Our support team is available 24/7, so if you have any questions or need assistance installing or configuring digital products purchased from the website, please use the contact form.

  • Please note that we are not the creators of the offered products, and therefore our technical support capabilities are limited. We do not change the functionality of the product or fix developer bugs.

Please read the FAQs and About Us sections for more information.


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